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Almost every divorce is chaotic. Even an “amicable divorce” brings with it a certain level of confusion and turmoil, especially if you have children. You are not only losing a spouse, but you may also be experiencing changes in: residence, financial resources, and time with your kids. It can be a painful experience that gets complicated by the fact that you now have to enter the unfamiliar or uncomfortable world of civil litigation.

30 years of combined experience

Brian Sadur and Donny Knepper have more than 30 years of combined experience, and they know how to develop a strategy to meet the specific needs of any given case.  Each new case presents its own new challenges.  Sometimes a case requires an aggressive approach, other cases require a more collaborative effort.

It is common for a person who is going through a divorce to want to know exactly what will happen.  While there is a certain amount of predictability to divorce cases, Brian and Donny know that each case is unique.  The mood and tenor of a case are generally controlled by the four parties in any divorce case: you and your attorney, and your spouse and their attorney.  You can control what you and your attorney do, but you cannot control what your spouse and their attorney does.

The mood and tenor of a case are generally controlled by the four parties in any divorce case:

You and your attorney & Your spouse and their attorney

Brian and Donny can counsel you as to how you can position yourself to receive the best possible outcome.  They can advise you as to the purpose, meaning and mechanics of the paper’s that your spouse’s attorney files.  They can help you manage the emotions and procedures of the case, letting you know how the court perceives specific actions and the difference between reacting and over-reacting.

Divorce can be a roller coaster ride.  It is important that you not only hire an attorney who is well-versed in the legal procedures of a family case, but who you also connect with on a spiritual level.  As family attorneys, Brian and Donny bring meaning to the term “legal counselors.”

Upon ending his active enlistment with the United States Marine Corps, Donny Knepper re-enrolled at Penn State and completed his degree in Human Development and Family Studies as a perennial Dean’s List member.  Donny focused his undergraduate studies on Childhood Development and Family Dynamics and he is sensitive to the emotional issues that so often accompany divorce.

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