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Child Custody

Helping you find the right custody arrangement


Brian Sadur & Donny Knepper are experienced family law attorneys who can guide you through the child custody process and explain the many different factors that go into the Court’s decisions. The process includes sitting down and determining what is in the best interest for the child as well as what is best for the parties involved. This might include mediation, witnesses, financial plans, visitations schedules, and other agreements that address the concerns of the parents and the needs of the children.

Types of Custody

Most people are confused by the difference between legal custody, joint legal custody, and physical custody. Legal custody means that the parents has the ability and obligation to make long range decisions regarding the child’s education, medical care, discipline, religious training, and any major decisions regarding the child’s life. A parent who does not have legal custody can still make decisions regarding the child’s welfare when they have physical custody of the child in response to a scheduled visitation or arrangement. This includes the ability to procure emergency medical care and day to day decisions regarding discipline as long as they follow Maryland law. Joint legal custody establishes that both parents have an equal decision making ability and neither parent is more important than the other regarding long-term decisions regarding the care and well-being of the child. The Court can however establish certain guidelines under which there would be a tie-breaker should the parents be unable to come to a compromise on any given decision. Physical custody involves the obligation of a parent or guardian to provide shelter for the child and to make the day-to-day decisions required for any amount of time the child is actually with the parent.